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Welcome to Everest Watchworks.
Long ago, I recall standing by my Grandfather's workbench while he worked on his clients watches. I marveled at all the strange looking tools he used on watches. Later when I was old enough, I went to watchmaking school for 2 1/2 years to learn the trade. After graduating with a diploma in horology I went to work as a watchmaker for about 7 years. However, during the 80's, quartz watches drove me away from the bench.

About 10 years ago, by God's grace, I discovered the PMWF. The watch forum bristles with folks like me, who enjoy the same fascination with mechanical watches that I have. Since that time, my passion for watchmaking was reborn, and I have enjoyed reluming dials, and creating custom watches.



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Everest Custom GMT 2893-2
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Everest GMT




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